Millenium City Sentinels

The Lazy Man's Guide to Taking Over the World
Menton takes Stronghold

The Champions had mysteriousy disappeared and the Sentinels were getting strained trying to pick up the duty in Millenium City while also covering New York. So, they decided to open a new branch of their group so they could focus their efforts back in their home town. The heroes to meet the call were Shockwave – an ex-college football star with the ability to absord and redirect kinetic energy, Bee – a pint sized assassin genetically engineered by the villain Teleios who has had a change of heart, Estrella – a literal star summoned to Earth and given form (along with the powers to project photons and control gravity) by a lovelorn mad occultist, and Jack-E 2.0 – a 10 year-old cyborg who was once a brilliant male scientist who uploaded his mind into the internet and eventually built the cybernetic young body he currently inhabits.

The newly formed Millenium City Sentinels were busy right from the bat as the villain group GRAB knabbed the blueprints to Stronghold (located on the spot which used to be Boblo island) for a mysterious employer. GRAB did get away, but not before the Sentinels got the plans back from Blue Jay while she was turning them over to a middle-man.

Millenium City was then attacked over and over by a series of seemingly unrelated villains. The Ultimates attacked the power plant in Sterling Heights, and were easily stopped by the Sentinels giving them some good press right out of the gate.

Teleios teamed up with the Institute for Human Advancement and the villain Mack the Knife to capture Bee and Shockwave. He succeeded in his plans, but the two were saved by Estrella, Jack-E, and PRIMUS agents before Teleois could dissect the heroes for the generic information he wanted. Unfortunately, the death of the Sentinels’ receptionist in a friendly fire accident made the city wonder if their heroes were perhaps a bit too irresponsible and uncaring.

About this time rumors of Menton being seen in the area were starting to spread, and these rumors were heightened with the strange behavior of many public officials occuring at the same time these rumors began to appear. Also, at this time, the Sentinels hired a new receptionist – an incredibly handsome Italian man who claimed to have minor empathic abilities.

The same day the new receptionist was hired, the Sentinel’s base was infiltrated by GRAB. Catching the villain group in the act of apparently sabotaging their computer systems, a fight ensued. The members of GRAB insisted throughout the battle that they were not there to harm the Sentinels, but in fact were trying to help them by indulating their computer systems from outside attack. The Sentinels had nearly won the fight against GRAB with only their leader Black Diamond left standing, when a strange electrical entity appeared, having apparently travelled through circuitry in the walls of the base, and soundly and quickly defeated the Sentinels as well as Black Diamond.

This strange being, having defeated both GRAB and the Sentinels left as quickly as it appeared, stopping only to fry a little circuitry in the labs and computer in the Sentinels’ base. Upon waking, the Sentinels made a temporary alliance with GRAB to find this electrical being and try and find what it wants. It didn’t take long before Denise Dumont discovered that this being, now known as Pulse, was on its way to Stronghold. It had apparently tried was stopped outside the prison due to the security on the power lines and circuitry leading in and out of the prison, and was now trying to find a boat to take it across the Detroit River to the island prison.

Prepared for their second fight with the being, the Sentinels easily defeated Pulse by knocking him into the river and pummelling it while his form was dispersing into the water around him. A bit of investigation uncovered that Pulse was one of the crew who worked at the power plant attacked by the Ultimates, and a strange accident during the fight had transformed him into this monster. His motivation was revenge on the Sentinels and the Ultimates, and GRAB revealed that they had become involved when an anonymous tipster told “the old man” about the impending attacks and hired them to install the inhibitors inside the Sentinel’s base.

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